Dedicated to bringing Medical Equipment to your Front Door!


Pulse Medical Gear is concerned about your health, independence and general well-being.  We've devoted our online boutique to medical gear and products that will help you maintain your independence, keep you fit and healthy plus help you to enjoy worry free living.  


We know how busy lives can be and finding time to exercise is sometimes hard.  That is why we feel it is important to be able to exercise anywhere and anytime.  We all know how important it is to keep our bodies moving and we offer a great collection of exercise equipment that you can use at home or on the go.  Exercise balls and light weights are great for strength and fitness, while bicycles can keep your cardio in shape.  Part of exercising means you’ll need to be prepared for soreness, sprains and minor injuries.  We offer a large selection of orthopedic products that can assist you in recovering from minor injuries.  Or course, we recommend seeing a health care professional for any injury, but should you need a splint or immobilizer, we offer durable selections for you to choose from.


Taking care of daily living can be extra difficult if you are compromised in any way.  That’s why we have chosen to offer a collection of products that can make daily living easier for the medically impaired, aged or just someone that needs a hand.   Having a reaching aid or grooming aid available can help you or your loved one be less dependent on others for daily activities.   Respiratory care is paramount for someone who is living with a compromised respiratory system.  We offer a selection of nebulizers, humidifiers and other respiratory essentials that can help, and our blood pressure collection can help you monitor your blood pressure right at home.  For impaired mobility we offer an extensive collection of wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility devices that will keep you active and involved.  


Here at Pulse Medical Gear we also believe you should focus on your home to be sure that every part of your life is dedicated to staying healthy and safe. Browse through our bedroom, and bathroom care collections along with our safety collection for items that can help keep you or your loved one safe and comfortable no matter what room of the house they’re using.   


We invite you to stop back often as we are continually updating and adding to our collection of medical gear designed to keep you and your loved ones healthy, happy and safe.