Bathroom Care

Safety for the Bathroom!


Bathroom safety is an important part of daily living especially if you’re living with a chronic medical condition or injury and Pulse Medical Gear offers a collection of bathroom equipment that can be the ideal addition to your home to help ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.


Whether your loved one is elderly and needs a little help or is facing a temporary or even permanent medical condition that requires regular assistance in the bathroom, we offer a great selection of benches that are ideal for the bath tub or shower area.  Available without a back or with a back for more stability, anyone of our benches can offer you or your loved one a sense of safety and security while bathing or showering without assistance.   We also offer a large selection of grab bars that can assist you or your loved one with getting in or out of the shower or tub, along with hand held shower heads that will enable you to easily assist Mom or Dad with their daily routine if needed. 


Pulse Medical Gear is concerned about your safety in the bathroom and is pleased to offer a selection of commodes, raised toilet seats and toilet rails that can provide assistance to anyone who may require a little extra help. Our portable commodes are quality made and designed for comfort and convenience and are ideal for those who may have difficulty walking to the bathroom.  And any one of our raised toilet seats or toilet grab rails can provide security once in the bathroom. 


According to the CDC, thousands of injuries occur each year in the bathroom, don’t let your loved one become a statistic, shop for bathroom equipment today to help keep your home safe for all family members.