Bedroom Care



In home Bedroom Care!


Pulse Medical Gear offers a large variety of bedroom care selections that will enable your loved one to rest comfortably at home regardless of their medical condition. 


Sometimes a medical condition requires the use of a hospital style bed for a few months, whether dealing with a fracture or a chronic illness, we offer a selection of hospital beds and bed safety rails to help keep your loved one comfortable and safe within their own bedroom.  Let’s face it – everyone heals quicker in their own home surrounded by people they love, and we’ve tried to make it easy for you to care for them.


Any one of our mattresses will provide a comfortable and stable base for a standard or hospital style bed.  Our home care mattress is specifically designed and manufactured for use at home and features durable vinyl covers.  We also offer a selection of mattress covers that can be used on a standard style bed or a hospital style bed for a temporary barrier and protection for the mattress.    And for additional comfort why not add a mattress overlay?  An overly will help permit airflow, thus reducing moisture buildup which can be a prerequisite of skin breakdown.   Our overlays are available in gel or foam design to provide you and your loved ones with all the protection and comfort needed to heal.


Pulse Medical Gear knows that sometimes a trapeze units and their accessories are needed with bedroom care to help facilitate movement from the bed to a chair or just help to achieve an upright position in bed.   We are pleased to offer a selection of units that can provide superior assistance for your loved one.   And to make meal time or leisure time easier for the bedridden, why not add an overbed table to the room for a quick and convenient addition?  You’ll be glad you did!