Daily Living

Ease the challenges of daily living!


Pulse Medical Gear offers a large and varied collection of products that can help ease the challenges of daily living for the elderly or those living with a chronic medical condition. 


Eating and drinking aids are especially important for those who want to stay independent but just need a little assistance.  Our utensils are ideal for anyone with limited hand involvement due to arthritis or any other medical condition.   We offer selections for a variety of conditions, so you can choose the set that will give you or your loved one the assistance required for their specific needs. 


Our foot care along with our grooming and dressing aids will enable you or your loved one to independently easily get themselves dressed on a daily basis.  Just having that little bit of assistance can make such a huge difference in the confidence and independence of a person.    Hygiene assistance is something that can be discreetly purchased online, and we offer quality briefs and undergarments that can help you feel secure no matter where you are.   Browse through our collection of massagers for soothing relief from the stress or the day or overused muscles. 


Pulse Medical Gear also offers a selection of locator aids and ID jewelry that can help keep your loved one safe and secure.  Both can assist in getting your loved one back safely if they happen to wander off and are a must have for any patient with dementia.    We also offer a collection of reaching aids that can help reach the top shelf in the kitchen and visual and hearing impaired aids that are ideal for daily living independence.    We invite you to shop with us today, and stop back often as we continue to add additional products that can assist with daily living independence.