Fitness Equipment for a Healthier Lifestyle!


Staying active is part of a healthy lifestyle, but sometime it’s hard to leave the house to take a rehab class or hit the gym, that’s why Pulse Medical Gear offers a fabulous selection of exercise equipment that is ideal for use within your home whether your rehabilitating or just trying to stay active. 


Our fitness bicycles are perfect for a daily cardio workout and are durably designed for years of rehab use.  With electronic instrumentation you’ll easily be able to monitor your heart rate and other essentials as you exercise.    For floor work, browse through our collection of arm and leg exercisers and exercise mats.   From a variety of steps for a great lower body strength and endurance workout to our upper body aerobicizer ideal for rehabilitation to improve range of motion, strength and endurance for your loved one or yourself.   We also offer hand exercisers for additional wrist, forearm and hand rehabilitation if needed.


It’s easy to track your progress with any choice from our body fat analyzer and scale collection.  Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, or need to monitor the weight of a family member, you’ll find the perfect scale for the job.    If you’re interested in building muscle mass Pulse Medical Gear offers a selection of weights, bands and balls that are perfect for an upper or lower body strength training program.  Our collection is available in a variety of selections including dumbbells and kettle ballsThera-bands are ideal for building upper body and arm strength and exercise balls can help increase flexibility and develop the core muscles of the abdomen.    Choose the ideal piece of exercise equipment to enhance your lifestyle today!