Orthopedics for the Support you Need!


Pulse Medical Gear offers a large collection of orthopedics that can assist you with additional support whether you’re recovering from a surgical procedure or a weekend strain.    

Our abdominal binders and rib belts provide additional support for the important abdominal core of the body.  If you’re dealing with an oblique strain, rib fracture or maybe need additional post-partum support, we offer a wide variety of binders and belts to choose from.    We also offer a variety of lumbar supports for those dealing with chronic or acute low back pain, whether from injury or a chronic condition. Our supports are comfortable and will help stabilize the injured area, so you can quickly heal. 

Our cervical collars, neck and shoulder supports and shoulder immobilizers are ideal for post-surgery recovery, or someone who just needs a little extra support due to a chronic injury or condition.   Wearing an immobilizer will keep the body part in the correct position for proper healing.   We offer many different styles to choose and recommend that you follow your physician’s directions for use, whether you’re looking for an arm sling or a splint to immobilize your wrist or hand or a cervical collar for a neck injury.   

For lower extremity injuries, Pulse Medical Gear invites you to browse through our selection of ankle support, knee supports and wraps and leg walkers for assistance with walking on an injured lower limb.  We are pleased to offer durable, quality orthopedic products for any type of injury or need.    We also offer a variety of cushions and positioners for assistance in post-surgical positioning or just for additional comfort and pressure redistribution if needed for proper healing.

We think you’ll be able to find exactly the type of additional support you or a loved one may need, but if not please contact us and we’ll check with our suppliers to try and find it for you.