Keep your loved ones Safe!


Here at Pulse Medical Gear we believe in the importance of safety throughout the home, especially when living with a chronic medical condition or advanced age.  That’s why we have put together a selection of safety products that will enable you to feel secure within are room of the home. 


Bed rails and fall protectors can help create a supportive and assistive sleeping environment within the home to help reduce the risk of falling from the bed, or assist in repositioning or transitioning into or out of the bed. Our bed rails are available in a variety of styles to provide just the right individual assistance needed.  But, if a fall does happen, one of our fall protectors can help reduce the impact and help keep you or your loved one from serious injury.   They are compact and easy to place around the bed at night then store under the bed or in the closet when not in use. 


Pulse Medical Gear also offers a large selection of transfer benches that can be of assistance throughout the house.    Our bathtub transfer bench boasts a 400 lb. weight limit and features two handles to help make positioning easier.  We offer many different styles designed for many different needs.   We invite you to make it easier for your loved one or yourself to enter the tub or shower safely and without fear of falling with a transfer bench.     We also offer stand up assists that can help you to stand from a seated position, whether you’re getting up from the couch or your bed.  No matter what your medical condition, we offer the safety gear that will help make you feel more secure throughout your home.